Waste Water & Sewage Treatment

SAS HYDROTECH (PVT) LTD, is a specialist and a consultant to the industrial sector in Sri Lanka, was founded in Sri Lanka in 2010 with a group of well qualified and well experienced engineers of environmental, water Treatment and waster treatment to serve the growing requirements in the industrial, hotel, garment and environmental sectors in Sri Lanka.

SAS HYDROTECH (PVT) LTD is a values-driven company that brings superior products to our customers through some of the world’s leading brands. We believe in conducting business with absolute integrity. Efforts in continuous improvement, high performance, competence, cost reduction, business ethics and market leadership have contributed greatly to our success. Our employees share many personal values such as accountability, deep respect for people and the environment, and a can did and practical work style.

The challenge of SAS HYDROTECH (PVT) LTD is it's after sales service.The employees are trained to respond quickly and efficiently to our customers' requests.We also maintain adequate stocks of chemicals /equipment and support the commitment to provide quality and reliable after sales service.Through our after sales service we can ensure a longer life span for our customers' equipment and systems, and continued performance at their optimum level.

  • We take pride in running our business with minimal overhead and maximum efficiency so we can offer the best prices and the superior service our customers deserve.
  • SAS HYDROTECH (PVT) LTD represent the highest quality products that come with assurance from the Manufacturers that are ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 certified. Most raw materials, if not all, are process in-house
  • SAS HYDROTECH (PVT) LTD represent the world leaders in industrial liquid filtration. With its innovative and advanced technologies and research and product development for the past 28 years. All our products are FDA compliance.
  • Satisfying our customers with superior quality products that will lead to a healthier lifestyle and green environment.

  • Design, Construction, Maintenance and Service of Swimming Pools, Spas, Saunas Steam rooms Water Features
  • Design, Construction, Maintenance and Service of Water treatment plants, Waste water treatment plants, Sewerage treatment plants and Bottling water treatment plants.
  • Swimming pool Equipment and Chemicals
  • Water and Waste water Purification Equipment and Chemicals.
  • Process Chemicals (Antifoulants, Corrosion Inhibitors, Phase Separation Chemicals, Scavengers etc…)
  • Disinfection & Sterilization Equipment and Systems (Ozone, Ultraviolet, Chemicals etc..)
  • Controlling and Monitoring Equipment and Systems (pH, Chlorine, Pressure etc…)
  • Micron and Membrane Filtration Systems (Industrial and Domestic Micron Filter Cartridges and Housing, RO, UF, NF etc..)
  • Fluid Handling Pumps (Metering Pumps, Chemical Handling Pumps, Pumps for High Viscosity Liquids etc..)
  • Water quality Analysis Reports, Water Testing kits and Meters and Analytical Instruments.
  • Service, Repair, Maintenance and Calibration facility for existing equipment and systems